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Our Wedding will be held on July 21st, 2002 at Temple Hillel of North Woodmere.


1. Find your way to New York's Penn Station (34th street and 7th Ave)
2. Find the Long Island Railroad terminal in the station
3. Take the 2:48 PM train from Penn Station to the Valley Stream train station. (NOTE: this train should be direct, other trains at other times may require a transfer at the Jamaica station) and... yes, it's closer to go to the Valley Stream Station than to the Woodmere station as the wedding is actually in _North_ Woodmere.

Train fare, should be $4.25 each way.

4. Take a cab from the train station to the hall on 1000 Rosedale Road, should be about 1.5 miles. Here's Yahoo's recommended directions to the hall from the train:

A. Start on RT-27 East
B. Turn Right on 1st Ave (proceed .1 miles)
C. Turn Right on Roosevelt Ave. (proceed .3 miles)
D. Turn Left on Mill Road (proceed .2 miles)
E. Turn Right on Hungry Harbor Road (proceed .4 miles)
F. Turn Right on Rosedale Road (proceed .5 miles)

Temple Hillel is 1000 Rosedale Road.